About Us

Hello! I am Samual, and I am the owner here at Blended Fams!

Blended families have become more common in recent years. It’s no longer considered strange to live with stepparents and stepsiblings. At BlendedFams.com, we’ve built a website to help you manage the challenges that can arise with your blended family. 

What challenges do we mean? When a couple decide to marry or move in together, they go through an adjustment period as they learn more about each other, their likes, dislikes, and little habits. When you add children into the mix, you need to have a clear understanding of everybody’s expectations.

At BlendedFams.com, we believe that as adults and parents in the new family, your behavior will provide the example of acceptable behavior. If you know beforehand how you’re going to manage conflict between stepsiblings, for example, living together should be so much easier for you all.

Blended families can, and do, work just as well together as any other family does, but they have extra idiosyncrasies to manage. And that’s where BlendedFams.com comes in. Our goal is to be your first port of call when you come across a situation you may not have handled before.

Our Story at BlendedFams.com

The team at BlendedFams.com has worked hard to bring you the most information possible about blended families and how to make them work well. On our site, you’ll learn about the legal responsibilities of parents and stepparents, including the financial responsibilities.

It’s not just about legalities and finances though. We delve into how a new blended family affects all the people involved. We look at the children, of course, but also former spouses as they, too, are affected.

Some Final Thoughts for Your New Blended Family

Congratulations! We’re sure your blended family will give you many joyful moments. As you go along, we hope that you find the answers to any challenges you may face within our website.