Finding Love Again: Remarrying After Death or Divorce

Usually when you get married the first time, you are thinking this is my soul mate and we are going to be together for life. You say your vows and you walk down the aisle.

Never were you thinking of a way out of that relationship.

But somewhere down the road, life dealt you a bad card and you are at the fork, deciding on selecting another person to share your life with and about remarrying.

Finding Love Again: Remarrying After Death or Divorce

Divorce and Remarriage

So you have been to this rodeo before and you are wondering will the second or third time be the charm.

The answer to that question is that you have to fight for what you want and no one controls your happiness or destiny but you.

Only you have that power.

In life, you make decisions, and even in love and happiness, you have to make decisions.

So choose to be happy. Choose to make it work. Choose not to repeat the past mistakes and choose not to judge the new love of your life with the past sins of your ex-spouse.

Make wise decisions. Ensure that you know what you want before remarrying. Truly get to know this person before remarrying and ensure that you both have the same goals in life.

Statistics are already against you succeeding at a second try. But what does statistics know about your fortitude. What do researchers know about your desire to make things work?

This Time Around Be Open

Communication is one of the central tenets of any relationship. You can’t read each other’s mind.

So try to talk about what you want and compromise where you can. Put in more effort when it is needed. Give your partner what they need and truly make this relationship an equal partnership. You have to use the lessons of your first marriage to ensure the success of this new remarriage.

Get Closure

Handle your business and then move on.

Any doubts, second thought, anxiety and regrets that you may have needs to be put to rest. If possible, have a conversation with your ex-spouse.

Make apologies if necessary and move on with your life. Allow them to vent if necessary and get closure as well.

If you have kids together, then make them your central priority and work in harmony to

Teach them, to groom them and to make them the best human beings possible, knowing that their parents have only their best interest at heart. Children suffer a lot through a divorce, so prepare to give them the extra attention that they need. And show them how to recover when life throws you a curve ball.


No one wants to experience death. You never want to see the person that you loved and planned to spend the rest of your life, with wither away and die. Even worse, no one wants to see him or her die tragically.

It is the worst experience that a human can go through.

To lose the person who sits in the center of your heart, who knows every facet of your personality, but they loved you regardless. It is an impossible moment when you realize that you are all alone and never did you think that you would overcome it.

Never did you think that you would be a widow, especially if you are still relatively young. How would you go on?

But somehow, life finally took pity and dealt you a good card.

You connect with someone else, someone who eases the agony left behind by the first loss. At first, you were doubtful, tentative and maybe flat out against it. But this new relationship could not be denied and you are in love again.

Life is funny like that.

So here you are now, planning to continue life with one new.

Here you are asking yourself, how do I love and continue my life with a new person?

You Will Never Forget

Life is about experiences and memories.

You will never forget someone who shared your life. And do not try to forget them either. But what you can do is be grateful that you got the opportunity to love that person, and you were a recipient of some of life’s greatest gifts.

You share great memories, probably had kids, and you had the gift of love.

So be grateful for that.

Not everyone gets to have that even once in a lifetime, but here you are having this most sought after gift, again.

Focus on Your New Life

From your past, you know that there will be challenges. You know that there will be moments that your second-guessing your decision. But the only way to overcome that is by embracing this new life. Move forward. Love the one you are with and cherish them every day.

Give fully of yourself. Hold nothing back and accept the good with the bad. People often fail at relationships because they are not willing to fight for what they have. They give up.

Never stop loving. Maintain your fortitude and fight for this gift of love that you have been given, again.

Samual R

Hello, my name is Samual and I come from a blended family. I hope that the articles here on my site help you when deciding on whether to have a blended family as well as some things that you should watch out for.

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